Walk in Happiness and Keep Smiling

Walk in happiness, joy, and appreciate the fact that despite whatever challenges you may face in life, you will always have the support and love from your family, your friends, and more importantly… from Jesus Himself. Every trapped situation you may experience or may currently feel trapped in, appreciate the fact that you can escape it. You can walk away from that troubling object, those painful words that may come from someone’s negative nature, that puzzling picture and you can obtain that freedom. All you have  to do is believe and remember that someone is always walking with you and you will never be alone regardless of the month, the day, and the year. You will always have that “someone” walking and helping to push you forward into achieving that mission, that grade, that degree, and that smile. Even your children will always walk and help to bring about your smile. They are here  with you for a reason: To help give you that nudge and cheer you up, both in life or in death. They never left your side or will leave you. Same scenario the other way around. If you have that special someone that is gone, always remember that they are helping to give you that nudge and will always support you, hug you, and love you. family-field[1]


Depression… ‘You Are No Longer Mine’

If you’re going through a tough time,

Say to the feelings of depression that ‘You are no longer mine.’

You can escape the cage that depression tries to keep you in,

the same depression words within your mine that repeatedly say “You can’t win.”

Here’s what I say: I believe that you can accomplish anything;

that you can overcome any burden, win every race, and yes… you can sing.

Do not create a home for this nor allow it to vacation during your quiet times;

Repeatedly say to depression that ‘You are no longer mine.’

So what that you can’t play an instrument and your child mastered the sound of it.

That’s because as their supporter, your child is extremely gifted.

Depression loves it when you stay in bed, stare at your pillow, and don’t have fun,

but clearly I say this: Just because you may not feel full of energy one day does

not mean that ‘depression’ has won.

Once you receive that full body charge the next day of energy,

you’ll be quickly moving, running, and completing tasks quick just like the

Energizer Bunny.

In court, I find Depression guilty for trying to drain the power from everyone

that has a wonderful, intelligent, and smart mind.

Whenever you may have a day as if you can’t move, win, or feel down and out,

remember to always tell Depression: “You Are No Longer Mine.”

Words of Encouragement

I say to you, on this day, that we all were blessed by God with a strong and powerful soul that knows and connects with Him. Yes, by flesh, we’ve made decisions in the past that we can no longer focus on… for you see… each extra second of a day that has passed already, we can no longer relive and change. We can’t go back into the past to try and redirect our old steps because remember: Every little change in the past alters the future. All we can do is make our days, right here and right now better. Every challenge or obstacle we’ve ever faced in life can only make us stronger, especially in Spirit. Take a whole bag of all your troubles, your pain, any illness you may have, any trauma in your life, etc. and just release and let that bag go. The same way we may often toss out our trash after being used and have a garbage truckman pick up our trash, let God take all of our bags away by prayer and allowing Him to take our troubles away. Some may say that I am not making sense, they do not believe in God, and any other extra reason or excuse you may have, but ask yourself this one question: “Where did my Spirit come from?” Sure, both your mother and father may be your parents and made you to become the person that you are today, but your Spirit was given to you by another and  much stronger Spiritual Being that you need to know and have a chance to meet. He walks and leads us daily in Spirit, whether we choose not to be “that religious” in getting to understand His ways. He still loves you and me, and His name is Jesus Christ. Keep this in mind: You are never alone, even when you feel as if you’re in your darkest moments in your life. There is always a way out and a powerful light to be found in order to help lead you out of that darkest tunnel. Part of that light… rests within your heart from The Lord Himself. Love yourself and stay strong.