God Will Never Leave You


So what you may be going through a handful of life struggles

He knows that your life isn’t easy like a toy-made bubble.

God gave you a life to live and not to just give up living.

That’s not His plan for you and He’s not just randomly giving

you help all because He was bored one day.

YOU ARE SPECIAL and YOU ARE HIS CHILD and will care for you in any way.

So what you never believed in Him.

His love is unlimited, focused only on you and don’t be side tracked by the naysayers; none of them.

You are a child of God, a powerful human being that can break your chains.

Don’t be taken advantage of and continue on with your life that’s never the same.

God never ever will leave you. It is Him that supports you whenever you cry

because He’s speaking to your Spirit and telling you to dry your eyes.

You are a fighter, always have been and always will be, how so true.

Always remember this one fact : GOD WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.




3 thoughts on “God Will Never Leave You

  1. I remember when I was critical sick last year. It was so consuming that I thought the end was near. I thought God have left me, but I was wrong. He came and I was healed and ever since then, Hiis mercy still dwell around me.

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    1. It uplifts me to hear good news about how God has helped people and continues to instill personal life testimonies with their spirit and heart. Praise God that you were able to watch him work in your life and continue to see him lay upon you more and more powerful testimonies. Thank you for sharing, brother Henry. 🙂

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