You Are Somebody


You are somebody that is unique and poise,
the one that can take action and tune out all of the outside noise.
You are somebody and I am doing nothing but being honest with you.
Do not call yourself a failure because that is simply far from the truth.
You are somebody that holds a gift or talent that we all would like to peek and see.
It is one reason why there’s a saying that goes: “You do you while I’ll do me.”
You are somebody that is bright, full of love, and is special in your own way.
I would rather tell you myself right here, right now, and today.
You are somebody that has fought through and survived so much,
have held God’s Hand throughout all of your life challenges and as such.
It is you that can make a difference and help those that need it most.
It is you that has inspired someone’s life and helping them to push on,
to fight for their own passions and goals before their chances are gone.
You are somebody that has proven to your loved ones and especially your children
that you will always… and forever will be… with them.
Your enemies deem you as being untouchable and just too hard to move.
It’s sad that these enemies even exist at our own schools.
You hold that sparkle and light within you that will never disappear,
so on the count of three everyone… let’s give the reader of this poem a cheer.
“YAY!”, “Thank You!”, and “We Love You!” are words coming through the air so loud.
You are somebody that has a wonderful heart, always happy, and the great deeds you have done has made everyone, even God, so proud.


Good vs. Evil (Let’s Go)


Recently, there was a report on the news mentioning of how a Christian woman was holding a sign up for the Christmas Holiday. The only word that was catching the medias attention was “Christ” that was on her held-up board. This word has also brought about a lot of conflict when mentioned on any school grounds… which made no sense to me at all. You even have to hold in your beliefs when you approach or perform at work, which is an acceptable and understandable thing. But if we open our eyes up and pay attention to our surroundings and the environment nowadays, our spirits can sense the disturbance or something that just seems a bit “off”. Personally, it hurts so deep within me daily to witness and hear how His children (my brothers and sisters in Christ) to easily walk, fall for the schemes, and choose to live with the thoughts, the ways, and the programmed mindset that the Devil plans for God’s children to have.

In 1 Timothy 6:11 (NIV), it says “But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.” Luke 18:27 (NIV) quotes “Jesus replied “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”‘ So despite all of the current turmoil and destruction around us, keep that mindset that with Him, our Heavenly Father, all things are possible, despite of how deep we may feel ourselves to be stuck in a situation.

When you look back up towards the posted picture above, God will never lose or forfeit anything to the Devil. He will never stop fighting for us, believing in us, and loving us in order to grant what the evil one expects and desires in this world: Our souls. The Devil doesn’t want us to know and acknowledge how intelligent all of us are… because that alone is what we are. Here’s a question for you: When you glance back at the picture above, what do you think the glow in Jesus’ hand symbolizes? My answer is His great power from the Heavens above and also the powerful souls of those that love Him unconditionally that helping to exceed His great power.

His Name is Jesus Christ and there should be nothing wrong with saying His Name.