Do Not Stop, But Keep on Truckin’


In Joshua 1:9 (NIV), it reads “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”‘

I quoted this passage, not only in addition to my recent post titled “Overcoming Fears and Phobias”, but to also assure you that you have more than just one person (or spirit) by your side to help, assist, and support you unconditionally. Imagine for a second that when you look at my posted image above that each sticky-note reminder were from your loved ones, your friends, and even from a loved one who may have passed away. Whenever you feel down, think of these notes and how many people, to this day, still believe in you. This message goes for myself as well. Too often, I might slip up and have a day where I just feel helpless and overcome with the feeling of pointless despair, despite how much I try to stay strong for others. I, too, have my days, but I always remember that many people want me to keep staying strong for them and never let my dreams go: My family, my friends, and the Lord as well.

Both physically and spiritually, you are strong and have strength that is untouched. If you have a child or children, imagine those sticky-note reminders being posted by them for you. I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent, but I do know that your strength increases and shows while raising your child and preparing them for the adulthood years to come. That makes you, whether you are a parent or not, just simply amazing. 🙂

When I look at the sticky-notes, it feels as if the Lord was the one that made those notes for me to always carry in my life and inspire me to keep moving forward. Never quit your plans and the walk in your life that you believe in. Just remember to always ‘Keep on Truckin’.



God Has Opened The Door For You


In Matthew 7:7 (NIV), it reads “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

To every question that we may have, there is always an answer to them, even when you personally have no idea about Jesus Christ, what has He done, and any other personal questions you may have in regards for him. As a personal testimony, I was one of those teenagers that had a lot of questions about the Lord… asking questions like “Who is He, what has He done for my life, and why did people dress so nicely to enter a building to praise and worship the ceiling?” 🙂 I was a curious child, and at the same time, before my great-aunt’s death a couple of years ago (during the time when half of the states experienced a major power outage or blackout) and she mentioned how people should read a lot of biblical scriptures. Back then, I didn’t understand why, but after her death, I had a lot of questions that weren’t answered that built up inside of me. One day, I gained the courage to ask my grandmother could I join her for her church service at our home church. This was just the beginning of my journey because while on college campus, there were many social groups you could be a part of, but there was something about the Christian organizations that attracted my attention. After being a part of a few, I still had more questions that could only be answered on a personal level.

It wasn’t until I was granted a work-study reward in order to work and assist anyone that will consider me for a job opening. Once I was a part of the job’s working force, there was one coworker that I remembered that had a lot of scriptures around her desk that I read. I asked her ‘why so many’ and she responded “so that I can always have something to turn to whenever I felt down or sad on some days.” Skip ahead a couple of months later, and as a gift for me 19th birthday, she had bought me my first bible and had studied, read, and answered any questions I had about Jesus Christ. I say this to say that you’ll never know whom the Lord will use in order to help you and assist you along the way. Yes, my questions were answered but not immediately when I expected for them to be answered. The thing was that if one person could not help answer all of my questions, God brought someone else into my life to assist me right on time.

Let’s look at my picture above for a second. Now, with all of our questions, all we have to do is ask Him and the Lord will make sure to either answer immediately or move us in a way so that we can meet one of His Angels with all of the answers. If we keep everything bottled up in our chest, it would feel as if the doors will never be opened to give us our answers… therefore leaving us in a closed-and-dark room. All around you, and even online, you have many resources and friends that are offering to assist you with anything that you may need assistance with… even with questions. Again and again, the Lord wants us to ask Him any-and-everything that may be troubling us because He already knows and has all of the answers. I love Him for being the strong and ALL-KNOWING and Powerful God that He is. Thank you, Jesus!



I Gaze In A Phase


As I gaze at the serene droplets of nature,
I think of the Hands God has blessed, worked, and placed together.
I gaze in a phase as questions like "Why am I here?"
With God's Word professing to us to have no fear.
To be a witness to see how beautiful He has made the plains and grasslands,
is that much amazing, and teaching our spouses to become a suitable man.
I gaze in a phase wishing that some human losses never had occurred,
but I realize that learning to appreciate life is a mission preferred.
I gaze in a phase to learn, remember and understand
that I have to speak out telling the messages of the Lord's plan.
I gaze in a phase relaxed and calm, 
feeling the blow of the wind while lying here on my lawn
praising and thanking God for allowing me to see
the beauty of nature that is so serene and lovely.
Thank you Lord for everything and even more.
Thank you for Life, for strength, and I love you within my heart's core.

Overcoming Fears and Phobias


You have the strength to overcome any challenge, phobia, or fear that strikes your emotions and seem to have a hold onto you. Every phobia is developed from some kind of trauma you may have once had many years ago; trauma may have also been caused from word of mouth as well. We should not fear anything and anyone, but only the Lord. In Isaiah 41:10 (NIV) of the scripture, it quotes “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Whenever we may come across or experience some form of fear, remember to always put in the forefront of your mind that God is lifting you up and making you stronger than that challenge and causing you to fear. Example: If you are afraid of a bug, compare your size in height to that of a bug. Whom can crush whom? See the Devil delights in our troubled pain, anger, and being afraid and fearful (to say the least) of whatever can cause us to become troubled. When I was a child, yes… I was one of those children that was afraid to sleep alone in my mother’s empty room and cried whenever she had to leave home to report to her midnight shift at her job. Even though my grandmother remained inside her room at our home, I still felt some sense of loneliness without her sleeping beside me. My mother did one thing every night before leaving from home that would not only cause me to fall asleep and rest peacefully, but the music genre has grown into something I enjoy and love: Jazz music. There was something about the soft sounds of the tunes that made me imagine myself, within my mind, that I was dancing to the jazz music… and I grew a fascination with it. This in return also caused me to forget about whatever shadows I thought were scaring me before I slept. This was a fear that turned into becoming something …. fearless.

Now, I understand that there are numerous kinds of phobias and that fear can be the result of something that you have been trying to shake off for so long, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t flee from that ‘thing’ that needs to be walked away from. The Lord is, has been, and always will be with you to help carry and lift you up higher above that ‘fear’.

What does ‘fear’ do? What is its purpose? Why do we deal with it? Only one answer: To cause us to not overcome them and forever feel that pain and grasp of the fear itself. Deuteronomy 6:13 (NIV) – “Fear the LORD your God, serve him only and take your oaths in his name.” It’s time to overcome these fears, ask for professional help, and practice doing the opposite of what that fear intended for you to do. Example: I was diagnosed with having MS back in 2012, and my auto-immune disease heightened my fear of falling down stairs. I had to learn how to both walk and write again, which took some time, but my fear of falling whenever I walk up and back down stairs IS NOT stronger than that of the love and support from the Lord and from those that love and care for me. Fear expects us to step back and don’t find out anything (Devil) but God expects for us to remain strong and be triumphant (Lord).

Your much stronger than your fear more than you know.