Break That Wall (‘Pow’)

Break That Wall

Break that wall full of depression, sadness, and strife.
Push those fears out of your heart and see God as the Head of your life.
As a man focuses on his martial arts,
nothing's wrong with doing the work for God; our parts.
Stop giving up because your goals may be too far to achieve,
but honestly, any of God's blessings can occur up under your sleeves. 
Break the devil's stump for the sake of your freedom.
Remember: This is a 'spiritual warfare'. Jesus said it and I believe Him.
We have no peace and rest wondering 'what will happen tomorrow'.
Today is today, it's here, and we have today's blessings than sorrows.
Inside of all of us is a spirit that needs to glow.
Shine your light because it's time to tell the demon to go.
We know that God can do All Things that are impossible.
If so, remember that with Jesus on your team, you and Him are unstoppable.
Like the original Batman: 'Sock', 'Wham', 'Pow'.
Yes, I enjoyed the series too, but it's time for us to punch together now.

Stepping Into A Brand New Year


As we enter into this brand new year,
without a doubt, it is You that allowed me to be here.
"I will never make a statement or even be heard"
were my words, so absurd, that echoed like the chirps from a bird.
I concede and learned to believe so heavily in You,
and I will do it over and over again for You, Lord, whenever I have to.
I've sacrificed my old ways in order to grow closer
in studying the hymns, Your Words, and smiling at my scripture poster.
Lord, thank you for giving me Your Grace
and allowing me to shine and smile every day across my face
because I know that wherever I am... at my home or in another place,
You've always been by my side sending spiritual gifts that can't be traced.
Thank you for sharing Your Love with me and helping me to pass it along
to my brothers and sisters, in Christ, that also is singing Your songs.
As we bring this year to a close,
I will wrap my words up tonight, I suppose.
Happy New Year to every single one of you, my sisters and brothers.
We've all stepped out of this year with God; how about another? :)

When I See This Cross (Poem)

The Cross

When I see the Lord's Cross...
I think of how Jesus Christ
sacrificed His perfect to help save my soul... my life.
When I see the Lord's Cross...
I think of how God wanted His children to carry on and save others,
to not move and think of our past hurts and pains, but to move forward.
When I see the Lord's Cross...
I think of how He was able to overcome the biggest of challenges,
regardless of where He was on the face of this planet,
and tell the Devil to flee from Him, despite the enemy's failed tactics.
When I see the Lord's Cross...
I think of the overflow of love
that He continuously blesses me to share from the Heavens above,
even proving His love's presence around me from the flying doves.
When I see the Lord's Cross...
I think of my Sisters and Brothers
in Christ's Name, that I will forever love 
as I would as I do with my own family; my fathers and mothers.
When I see the Lord's Cross...
I think of His open arms that I run into
for safety and security through and through
because His Love will never change and will always remain true.
When I see the Lord's Cross...
all I can do is praise His Holy Name,
praise His Name only for no other name deserves the same,
because He is my friend, my Father, my God in Heaven, in Jesus Name, Amen.

God Is Mathematically Amazing

Lines (Math)

Mathematically, God is glorious;
His love is infinite and His Grace just flourishes.
He inspires and wishes to have a relationship with us
not being parallel to Him but to love more than to fuss.
Intersecting lines means two of the lines meets at some point.
Learning of His Word touched my spirit, my heart, and even my joints.
I want to gain a closer relationship with God that's nowhere obtuse,
but at least closer in degrees, so much that it's acute.
Help me make my spiritual walk linear to Your Will and Your Way.
Teach me how to stay silent, to listen, and to pray.
90 degrees is the weather forecast,
but I will continue to follow and fight until my time to rest at last.

He Overwhelms Me With Gifts – Poem


To wake up and feel your warmth from the Sun you created,
to every morning's beautiful nature; I am ecstatic and elated.
You never stopped believing in me whenever I wanted to quit, 
but You've continued to send me more blessings that weren't a little bit.
Lord, I am choking up because tears are still flowing from my eyes
due to one of the greatest gifts You could ever give me as a surprise.
I praise Your Name, Lord, more than once... more than twice,
for blessing me to hug my niece for the first time in my life.
To me, it was one of the greatest gifts I couldn't stop from shouting out.
My love for You GREW, where it's You I cannot live without.
It's You that can make my saddest days into something of light.
It Is You who can turn the earth's gloomy days into something so bright.
Praising Your Name, Father, always and forever more.
Praising Your Name while I yearn to walk through Your Light of open doors.

Urge of Late-Night Poetry


This came to me late last night and I made sure to quickly jot down my poetry into my phone before turning into bed. When God has a message for me to hear, I will listen to Him.

1 Corinthians 6:19 (NIV), it quotes “Do you not know that your bodies are templesĀ of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own…”

I will fight for Jesus Christ, 
He is the Head of my life. 
I can't stand how some Christian voices seems to be hidden,
for this world seems to be turning; we all have a voice that God has given.
I see and hear about how Satan chose to corrupt us,
but let me say that I'd rather him and his minions fly away or catch a bus.
It pains me to hear lost souls 
accept the enemy's contract in order to obtain material pleasure such as 
But beyond any and everything, I will keep praying for my sisters and
for in Christ Jesus, we are stronger in unity to strengthen our spirits and
to love one another.
God is VICTORIOUS, and let that be known.
Remember that the life that you are living 'is not our own'. 1 Corin. 6:19

You’ve Been There For Me


Despite the times
when I believed that everything was fine...
You've been there for me.
When I was a kid, too afraid to go to sleep at night; 
under the covers, I felt safer when I hid,
then you've played a jazz tune on my radio... a song
which has proven to me that you've been there all along.
Why did I reach up to you,
at age 13, before going into a hospital's surgical room?
It was as if, although I couldn't 'see' you, I 'knew' you were there.
Easing my emotional uneasiness, making me feel calm, at peace, and fair.
I can't believe how long it took me to recognize You;
the Lord of my life, the creator of my life,
preparing me to become or continuing to be to my husband a perfect wife.
I know that I would love to have that super car...
but You supply me with the things I Need, which is Your Love by far.
I can go on and on
because I want to shout out my deepest appreciation
for life and the lives of others that are here with me
all across the world and among many nations.
You are my teacher, leading me to help and teach others about Your Love.
Thank you Jesus for I feel extremely blessed sharing my spiritual care  
before my life's final flight of my spiritual dove.
Thank you, Jesus... Thank you.

I Cannot…

God's beautiful creation

I cannot believe my eyes;
You have brought so much happiness that has changed my life.
Daily I read and cannot wait until I can work for you again.
You've taught me how to follow You, to listen, and to understand.
I cannot believe how you fixed and repaired my broken heart.
You made it happen. How? Where should I start?
Just to wake up and breathe is a blessing which means so much.
Every day I wake, I yearn to feel your touch.
My nightmares are nothing but like a shadow on the wall.
Your Words comforted me so much to show me that the images are small.
Thank You, Jesus, for Your massive love and support.
Thank You, Jesus, for offering peace whenever I feel pain or hurt.


I Gaze In A Phase


As I gaze at the serene droplets of nature,
I think of the Hands God has blessed, worked, and placed together.
I gaze in a phase as questions like "Why am I here?"
With God's Word professing to us to have no fear.
To be a witness to see how beautiful He has made the plains and grasslands,
is that much amazing, and teaching our spouses to become a suitable man.
I gaze in a phase wishing that some human losses never had occurred,
but I realize that learning to appreciate life is a mission preferred.
I gaze in a phase to learn, remember and understand
that I have to speak out telling the messages of the Lord's plan.
I gaze in a phase relaxed and calm, 
feeling the blow of the wind while lying here on my lawn
praising and thanking God for allowing me to see
the beauty of nature that is so serene and lovely.
Thank you Lord for everything and even more.
Thank you for Life, for strength, and I love you within my heart's core.

God is so Amazing (Poem)


God is so amazing
that He will fight off against our battles that we're facing.
From sunrise to the evening moonlight,
God will forever, keep His children together, while He squeezes us so tight.
God is so amazing
that when something amazing happens, our Spirit assures that it was from Him;
not a gift from our friends, family, the amounts of 'them'.
God is so amazing
that only His Son is the connection between us on earth and the Father in Heaven.
We, and every other living thing was a part of His creation.
What man can you tell me that they have done more,
to walk among this earth, feed and heal so many people each time than before?
What man can you tell me that sacrificed himself to die for our sins?
Who deserves our praises, our glory, and this medal and trophy they deserve to win?
No one else... but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
for without Him, we would not have the qualification to ever have eternal life.
This is just a small list of everything He has done,
but again, God is so amazing that whenever He is challenged, He has already won.